Make an informed decision by comparing:
auto and home insurance quotes

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Make an informed choice by comparing: auto and home insurance quote

The different types of insurance

In the insurance market, you may choose between many types of insurance. All types can be grouped into 2 different insurance categories:

Insurance covering persons

Personal insurance is one that you can use to deal with problems that affect your personal physical integrity. These types of protections are categorized as :

Professional insurance

These are insurance policies taken out for professional settings. They are rarely contracted by the employees themselves, but rather by the employers on behalf of all their employees. This is insurance against occupational hazards and financial losses caused by an accident at work, illness, retirement, or death.

  • Workplace accident insurance is a guarantee against different accidents that may occur during work. The insurance will cover medical expenses, as well as compensation for the hospitalized employee.
  • Disability insurance covers work-related accidents in any case where the accident requires more than simple hospitalization.
  • Health insurance is coverage for different diseases and work leave resulting from any of these.
  • If you are an employee, death insurance is one of the only professional insurance policies you can impose on your employer. In other cases, you can use our comparison generator to check the effectiveness of the insurance offered by your employer.
  • Pension insurance will cover your retirement. Payments are collected either periodically or all at one time.

Complementary health

In addition to social security, you can opt for additional insurance to extend the benefits offered by your social security. This will allow you to increase not only the different coverages but also the different people covered. You can choose according to:

  • Your age
  • Your income
  • Your activities
  • Your family situation
  • The number of dependents
  • The different types of health risks
  • The different types of support
  • Etc.

Insurance covering property

Beyond insurance and outside the professional framework, you can insure all your property through insurance and real estate insurance.

  • Insurance on mobile property is varied. You can insure your mobile property regardless of the type of damage suffered and the cause of the damage.
  • Real estate insurance concerns home insurance. The latter, however, also takes into account the mobile property present in the insured house.

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4 factors that influence your car insurance

What protections are offered?

Liability insurance is mandatory for all drivers. However, you will have to shop for damage protection. Click here for further explanations.

When you’ve made your decision, you may choose to buy endorsements. These contract options cover specific issues by proposing solutions. To read more, click this link.

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How to lower the cost of your premium?

To determine the insurance premium, you will have to compare eight factors, as these make comparisons between insurance companies’ offers easier. Click to find that comparison. Take advantage of your auto quotes by knowing your situation:

  • Read the content of the offers to see all prices and coverage.
  • Inquire for car costs BEFORE you buy.
  • Look for discounts.
  • Our comparison generator does it all, so click to receive your auto insurance quotes.

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Special features of the car insurance contract?

In Quebec, this protection covers compulsory civil liability.

  • Differences from one source to another depend on the type of protection chosen.
  • It may cover all the risks or only risks specified in the insurance contract.

Any given one may or may not contain additional protections. This is where the competition lies among insurance companies. Some give more than others.

Some options, such as the income allowance or tools like reimbursement for medical expenses, are very useful in the event of an accident.

  • In Quebec, the SAAQ only covers these costs in special cases.
  • Take more time to shop around for the insurance that’s right for you.

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Can you find an ideal quote?

You have to compare different factors. To help you, we have prepared the five best questions to be able to choose with no regrets. Click here to answer them.

Using the comparison generator, you can:

  • Shop in a short amount of time.
  • Get all of the auto insurance quotes you want (at no charge).
  • Enjoy all the best deals at low prices.
  • Get the best coverage.
  • Receive discounts on each insured vehicle.

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How to choose home insurance

Natural disasters, fires, and disasters can result in claims against your civil liability. Be informed and read the extent of your protections:


When you sign an insurance contract, the clauses will determine who will benefit from the claims.

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Factors and exceptions

You have your own unique life, but insurers need to classify you according to the characteristics that allow them to calculate risks.

For this reason, there are two types of insurance policies for your home.

  • Any risk OR specific risk.
  • If you choose mistakenly, it will have a financial impact.
    • You may pay more.
    • You may not have enough compensation.
  • Click to understand the difference.

Click to compare.

Understand some of the insurer’s terms

Here is the technical jargon that you might come across in your quotes and insurance policies:

  • An endorsement is an additional protection or additional clause added to a main insurance contract.
  • A deductible is the sum of money that is still your responsibility after a disaster. The insurer will not refund this amount.
  • A limitation is the maximum amount of compensation indicated on your insurance policy. The insurance company will not pay you beyond this limit after a disaster.

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The advantages of the comparison generator

We have one of the most advanced online submission systems in Quebec. The calculator takes into account:

Factors for the premium to be paid

Several variables will influence your premium:

  • Accurate assessments of the condition of your property.
  • The value of your possessions.
  • The costs of reconstruction or refurbishment.
  • The location where you live
  • Any harmful external elements.

Our form guides you in the process of weighing these decisions.

Evaluate your submissions at a glance

To find the insurance that’s right for you, look for a balance between:

  1. Bonuses
  2. Protections
  3. Franchises
  4. The credibility of the insurer.
  5. With our comparison generator, you protect your interests.

Find the best compromise

It’s not always easy to choose. Get information on:

  1. The premium you pay to the insurer
  2. Protections, whether partial or total, and with or without endorsements.
  3. The limitations on repayment
  4. Exclusions of property in the contract
  5. Rebates from the insurer
  6. The deductible or the amount that the insured undertakes to pay in case of loss

All bidders will be able to answer your questions.

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