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What you need to know about coverage

There are several rules on home insurance. Here are the ones that are of interest you:

Who is covered by your insurance?

Besides yourself, home insurance covers:

  • Your spouse, your children, and young people under 18 in your care.
  • Students in your care are also covered.
  • If you have lived with your spouse for less than three years, you must indicate this in the contract to extend your protection.

Types of contracts offered

Insurers’ offers for homeowners and tenants are divided into two categories:

  1. Full risk protection: This covers civil liability and all risks, excluding those who are not in the contract.
  2. Specific risks coverage: This covers the events and risks included in the policy and the insured’s civil liability.

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The building insurance premium

The home insurance premium is what you pay to the insurer. The amount of premium you get after a home insurance quote depends on:

  1. Type of house, building, or dwelling. Indeed, if the house is single-family, multi-unit, or an apartment, the structure’s age is considered.
  2. Type of contract and protections chosen (with or without riders).
  3. Claim history: the number of fires, claims, and the crime rate in the area where the dwelling is located.
  4. The structure’s value and the cost of reconstruction.
  5. Your credit information, which is available to the insurer with your consent.

It is important to know the content of different policies to find comparative advantages in premiums, deductibles, and protections.

There is only one way to compare:
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Protections in your contract

The home insurance policy guarantee first concerns civil liability, and then the property of the insured person:

Civil liability

Your civil liability is incurred when:

  • You are held responsible for damage to others’ spaces or houses
  • Someone gets hurt at home.

This considers the damage done to others for which repairs may be required, not protection against personal injury.

Protection of property

This coverage concerns mobile and immobile property. After precise identification, items include household appliances, furniture, clothes, electronic gadgets, objects of collections, etc.

Real estate includes your home and its outbuildings – detached garage, shed, etc.

What risks are covered by insurance?

The home insurance guarantee covers:

  1. Theft, attempted robbery, riot, vandalism, broken glass, broken windows, new window installation
  2. Fire, explosion, smoke, forest fires
  3. Leakage of sanitary facilities or water pipes and other water damage
  4. Accidents with objects or a vehicle

In all contracts, you should expect exclusions. To find the insurance policy that suits you best, you must have the choice of several offers.

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Why use a comparison generator?

What you need to know is that competition is tough between insurers. It is important to look for the services of a comparison generator for more information before becoming a customer of an insurance company. Before applying for a home insurance quote, you should:

Shop at 3 or more companies

Depending on your needs, whether you have experience or not, our comparison calculator allows you, as a broker, to take several steps in one and go through a poster page for all items in just a few clicks! You save a lot of time and focus only on the best deals.

The right time to shop

  • Every year, on or around the same date, check that your situation is still adapted to your home insurance coverage to modify it if necessary or keep your contract intact
  • In the event of a change in your personal life or property
  • When the competition offers you a better price or coverage.

Members of unions, occupational groups, or university graduates may receive a lower premium from some insurers. Get several home insurance quotes with our comparison generator.
REMEMBER: if you buy auto insurance from the same insurer, report it to get a discount, a lower premium on the same products.

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Useful steps for shopping for your home insurance

The following steps are simple but important:

Evaluate your needs

  1. What do you need? Any risk or partial risk coverage?
  2. Is additional insurance necessary?
  3. Are you a tenant, owner, or co-owner? Do you intend to rent your property? Do you have several rented dwellings?

Evaluate your property

The valuation of your property allows you to determine the amount of insurance required for your home. The main thing is to indicate the approximate purchase price of each item, piece by piece. Your address and area of ​​residence can be analytical tools.

Evaluate the cost of housing reconstruction

In the event of a claim, home insurance contracts offer compensation depending on:

  1. Depreciated value, on the day of the loss.
  2. Repair at the cost of the new value.

Our specialists and partners will help you to do this evaluation online. You will be able to see all the necessary points.
Remember to inform yourself and get advice on the cost of reconstruction options with no deduction of funds for depreciation. In fact, some insurers offer it as an endorsement in their contract.

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Choose suitable insurance

Rent your home or buy a condo, an office at home, or a cottage in the city or on new property in the area: any scenarios that will result from each different insurance policy. Know the limitations of the contracts: their costs vary from one insurer to another.

Set the amount

This exercise mainly concerns the amount of liability. Your choice will depend on your needs. In general, it ranges from $1 to $5 million or more in Quebec.

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